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Hello, and welcome to my website! 

I am a computer professional and professional musician. It's probably pretty unusual for a professional with two seemly disparate specialties to combine them on one website, but there is a surprising amount of overlap between my two "lives." I also believe that you bring your whole self to a project, and skills learned in one area are often transferable to the other. I've designed websites for musicians (and the Musicians' Union), and the bands that I play in are sprinkled liberally with computer people.

Check out the newest site in my CV:

Computer Professional

I am a website designer, computer software trainer, database developer, desktop publisher and instructional designer. I have designed over 15 websites. Several companies have hired me to make materials for their portfolios such as business cards. Other projects to cross my desk in the last five years include newsletters, templates, forms, manuals, automated solutions (Word, Excel with VBA), and instructional materials. Check out my resume for more details. I am currently available for projects, consultant services, and training. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


2009-2010 saw an increase in the bands in which I play trombone, and sometimes sing, as a regular member and some just part-time, including the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, the Executive Big Band, Murray Riddell's Big Band, Papa Mambo, 252 Legion Band, Winnipeg Pops Orchestra, West Side Stage Band, Executive Dance Band, Million Civilians world beat band, Bella Vista Social Club, Cool Runnings Reggae band, Winnipeg Winds Concert Band, The Northstar Duo, and several others. I also got the opportunity this past year to play in the pit orchestra for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society's production of "Patience," and record a song with Les Surveillantes (French folk/pop group here in Winnipeg) for their upcoming album.

I play piano and sing at my church quite regularly, and try and get down to sit in with other groups whenever I can. Check out my Gig Calendar for more information.

Thanks for visiting!

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